Career Counseling

Depending on program specifications, career counseling for transitioning employees can have unlimited one-on-one access to a professional career consultant to explore options and address issues unique to the individual.

Consultation can cover any component of the job search–including resume preparation, networking, interviewing, negotiating offers, and moving into a new position—as well as active retirement and entrepreneurial options.

Think Participant, Not Recipient

If you take your car in for an oil change, you’re in recipient mode. You show up, pay and then get out of the way while the technicians do the work.

When you work with a career counselor, you need to step into participant mode. You can’t expect to just show up, pay and then get out of the way while the counselor does all the work. You’re required to be an active member of the team; if you don’t participate, your counseling experience will almost certainly end in disappointment.

Have Realistic Expectations

You may think career counselors have all the answers. They don’t, but they can help you work toward finding your own answers. They simply can’t pull them out of a box and hand them to you.

Be Honest, Especially with Yourself

It’s easy to talk yourself into feeling, thinking or saying something that really isn’t genuine. It happens daily in career counseling sessions as clients try to fight off a host of outside pressures (family, friends, teachers, society as a whole) to make their own decisions.

Career counseling sessions give you a safe place and time to express what you’re really struggling with — in your career and in the rest of your life, too. But you have to be completely honest if you’re to have any hope of really working through your challenges.

Be Open to Challenge

Most career counselors will offer you support and an empathetic ear. But the very best will also challenge you.

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