Career Transition Services

In addition, you’ll receive access to the Career Resource Network (CRN), LHH’s proprietary, Internet-based job resource and search tool that connects individuals to career, industry and company information, networking opportunities and new job leads.

We urge you to take advantage of this valuable benefit and would welcome the opportunity to explain these services to you in detail.

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Career Transition Services

One-on-One Consultation

One-on-One Consultation

Depending on program specifications, transitioning employees will be aligned with a dedicated and highly qualified Career Coach. Each client will have the opportunity to share their unique desires for the future in one-on-one sessions to explore options.

Think partnership

When you work with a Career Coach come prepared to share your career direction.  The more we understand your desires for the future the better we can create a unique process plan for you.  We guide our clients in effective and efficient job search reducing search time by up to 50% for all levels and industries.  We also provide expertise and training in the pursuit of consulting work, entrepreneurship, or a portfolio career in the gig economy.

Have realistic expectations

It is important to understand that job search is a job.  People underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to not only prepare, but to pursue work.  You will spend the initial part of your search understanding who you are and what you can deliver into a competitive market for high paying jobs.  You will learn the latest techniques in effective networking, which has been and always will be a key to success.  You will be given exposure to Talent Acquisition professionals across the U.S. and your CareerCoach is there for you along the way.

Be open to challenge

Career coaching sessions give your former employees a safe place and time to express what they’re struggling with in their career search.  Knowing and understanding their strengths takes reflection and consideration.  All are provided a process pathway to achieve job search goals and the knowledge they gain will set them up for success into the future.  We’re here to help!

Resume Assistance

Resume Branding and Development

In addition to group training in resume preparation, our Professional Branding Specialists work with clients to fine tune their resumes and ensure their experience is presented in a way that will best meet their professional objectives.

Our PBS provide additional in-depth knowledge on Applicant Tracking Systems used by companies to determine who will progress to next steps in the interview process.

You will also be instructed on how best to show up with their digital presence on LinkedIn. No longer is it an option to ignore how a person is viewed on the internet. LinkedIn is the premier tool for sharing your capabilities online and it provides an unparalleled ability for networking with Hiring Managers.

“After 16 years of continuous employment with one company, my position was eliminated. Before I contacted the LHH office in Las Vegas to set up an appointment to discuss how LHH could facilitate my next career move,  I asked myself, ‘Do I really need this?  I can just polish up my resume and get going on my job search on my own. Well, as it turned out, I needed every bit of support and advice.  I’ve had many compliments on the layout and organization of my resume thanks to the support I received. I just want to say, ‘Thank you!’ I couldn’t have succeeded with my job search without you.” - Ramon L.

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Separation Planning

Separation Planning

Whether your company is transitioning a few people or thousands, OCM | LHH has the tools, technology and expertise to help you with separation planning and manage the outplacement and career transition process from start to finish. We provide assistance with the pre-event planning that is essential for effective and successful transitions to address needs of individuals directly and indirectly impacted by an event across the organization.  You will receive strategic advice and tactical guidance on your communication strategy, project planning and milestones, and effective manager notification training.

Pre-planning Session

Given the importance of effectively handling the notification process, pre-planning discussions are a critical first step to the transition process.  Setting a positive tone and conveying the right amount of concern and support goes a long way for both the affected employee and your organization.  

If there will be several separated individuals, we recommend scheduling a pre-planning session between the notifying managers and OCM | LHH to review meeting communications and logistics.

Manager Notification Training

On the day of notification, you can expect a full range of emotions, not just from the affected employees, but also on the part of the managers who are conducting these meetings.  Most managers are uncomfortable and/or inexperienced with this assignment, even with coaching by Human Resources.  Often, it is more stressful for the notifying manager than the associate being notified.

OCM | LHH can help your managers prepare for and structure the meeting, effectively addressing key issues during the notification conversation, anticipating possible reactions, responding appropriately to the emotions and issues raised, and communicating the next steps.  By understanding how to conduct legally sound separations with skill and sensitivity, notifying managers become more comfortable with the process and achieve better outcomes.

Online Support

OCM | LHH strongly recommends having our consultants hold either one-on-one or small-group orientation sessions immediately following notification.  The primary objective of these meetings is to provide an opportunity for employees to express feelings about leaving the organization and start to focus on the future rather than on the past.  These meetings allow our trained career consultants to explain the services being offered and identify any individuals who may need immediate assistance or follow-up.

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Entrepreneurial Program

Entrepreneurial Program

Our Road to Entrepreneurship program, recognized as a “Top Ten HR Product” by Human Resource Executive magazine, is available to clients who wish to consider this career alternative in depth.

This comprehensive, integrated program enables individuals to gauge their potential for success before investing time and money on goals that may be unattainable, and also provides important planning and implementation support.

Program components:

• Exploring entrepreneurial options (consulting, buying a franchise, buying an existing business, starting one’s own business)
• Assessing qualifications
• Identifying challenges
• Researching financing options
• Developing a preliminary action plan

Retirement Options

Retirement Options

We provide comprehensive career and life planning to those who wish to achieve better work/life balance to consider other alternatives to conventional “leisure-only” retirement.

In-depth consulting support is supplemented by our Retirement Series program, which helps individuals conduct rigorous self-assessment, recognize appropriate options and resources available to them, and develop a personalized plan of action.

Spouse/partner participation is encouraged.

Outplacement positively impacts hiring opportunities.

Outplacement positively impacts hiring opportunities.

• Approximately half of HR managers and two-thirds of recruiters agree that candidates that used an outplacement service are more prepared for their interviews.

• Both groups agree these candidates have a more professional approach to their job search.

• Recruiters also indicate a higher likelihood to hire candidates who have worked with an outplacement firm.

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