Leadership Development

Executive coaching is a process that facilitates learning which leads to behavioral change, and provides clients with the tools and knowledge to become more effective in their work environment. It involves observation of specific patterns of behavior, giving feedback and developing an action plan to achieve positive behavior change.

OCM | LHH offers a range of executive coaching programs to help senior professionals and executives, leaders and managers develop and sustain optimal performance levels. These confidential one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to enhance our clients’ performance improvement or growth in key skill areas, thereby increasing their value to themselves and to the organization.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses:

  • Identifying desired outcomes.  Our coaches help clarify goals and specific results to be achieved.
  • Gathering relevant information.  This included leadership behavior and potential, communication style, work/life values and ambitions, team leadership.  This data can be gathered using methods including 360 feedback, interviews, and onsite observation.
  • Creating and implementing a strategy. Our coaches assist in developing a personal action plan, measuring progress, and clarifying next steps.
  • Evaluating results.  This ensures that key learning can be quantified and replicated for continuous improvement.

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